Get a heads up on casting calls

Getting a break in show business can be tough.Anything that helps aspiring actors is always welcome. At the beginning of an acting career it can feel like everything is against the young hopeful. Even just finding out where the auditions are taking place can be a struggle.It can feel like there is a circle of insiders in the know who get the parts,leaving newcomers floundering for a look in.Which doesn’t seem fair at all. An industry needs new talent and acting is no different.

Thankfully there is a new text alert service for actors that gives them a heads up on when and where acting auditions for new parts are taking place. It makes the audition process that little bit easier. And who knows where one of these casting calls could lead. It could be the start of a glittering acting career.

The alert service covers parts for theatre, TV and films. So whatever role actors are looking for, it’s covered by the service. It makes the whole audition process a little more transparent. It’s no longer a case of who you know to get a great part. By getting the word out about up coming acting auditions, it means more people get a shot at success. Which can only be a good thing.

Once the alert has come through regarding the casting call it’s all in the hands of the want to be star. Prepare thoroughly and go for it. It could be the big break that kick starts a string of great acting roles.

In order to use the service people must be 18 years old or over. The service costs £1.50 per text and each subscriber will receive a maximum of three texts per week. Anyone looking for that big break should sign up and see what happens. Fingers crossed!

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