There is no need to leave the hotel for the WINKS experience

Internationally there is no other city that successfully attracts the levels of business executives and high flying entrepreneurs than the city of London. Across Europe there are many stylish and attractive cities to choose from.Paris is renowned for its romance and glamour and Milan is famous for its chic fashion.

However London stands out from even these top rated cities for its eclectic culture, heady combination of cutting-edge fashion and music as well as being the champion of exclusive and luxurious venues and personal services.Initially many leaders within the business world are brought to this chic city due with commercial goals. London is well known for its predominance within the international business sphere and offers high flyers great opportunities to cut business deals and network. However what will bring them back year after year is the high standards of service and undisputed glamour and decadence of this city.

The luxurious accommodation in London will be one of the first things to make an impression on someone arriving here. London houses some of the world’s most acclaimed establishments and within the plush walls there are many designer personal services to try. One of the most outstanding personal services offers the height of intimate indulgence to guests. Concierges rate the WINKS Massage Service as one of the best in London.

A WINKS Naked Massage is one of the most exquisitely sumptuous services available in the capital. The levels of sensual pleasure attained are almost legendary and this spine tingling experience is one that will be remembered forever. The WINKS Masseuses perform their specialist naturist massage with true expertise and this service is guaranteed to lift guests to rapturous bliss. The combination of high service and personal touch ensures that this holistic approach to mind and body pleasure will become a favourite form of entertainment for travelling business executives.

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