Stylish Solutions to Reduced Mobility

With legislation now in place to ensure that companies cater for all possible customers, clients and staff, regardless of their physical ability, many businesses have had to alter premises to include wider doorways, ramps and even lifts. For many, such changes have seemed to be detrimental to the look of interiors, leaving areas seemingly disproportionate or out of keeping with the rest of the building.

However, a disability lift and wider doorways don’t mean that aesthetics have to suffer. Many people will attempt to simply get something cheap to satisfy legislation and in turn will end up with something that looks incongruous. However, it doesn’t have to cost a great deal more to get something that not only fits in with the current look and feel of the building, but in some cases even adds to the aesthetic.

First of all, it is important to understand exactly what you need. The space you have will make a massive difference to whether you need a disabled lift, a ramp or even a moving ascending platform. Each will not only work better in different spaces, but within different designs too, and even those businesses who currently have a disabled lift may find that they can benefit greatly from looking again at the available options.

Even disability lifts can be far more subtle than some solutions may seem and the right design can make a huge difference to the way such additions make an interior look. Whilst certain legislation can seem to be the product of a meddling ‘nanny state,’ ensuring that all people are able to access buildings whether they are disabled or not is something that is very important, and catering for those with disabilities is beneficial for both them and the company. However, don’t just buy a generic solution, but instead find the one that is right for your style and for your space.

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