Get the right look for health club changing rooms

Gyms and health clubs can be very upmarket affairs. Forget the council run leisure centre, this is the serious end of the business. People pay top prices for their monthly membership and they expect the best of everything. Right down to the changing facilities. The whole experience has to look and feel right. It’s all about exclusivity.

It’s no good opening a high end gym if the changing facilities let it down. Lockers and cubicles need to be of a high standard, but the problem is that they will take a lot of punishment too. It can be hard to source components that will perform both roles. On the one hand look aesthetically pleasing and on the other be tough and durable. It can leave managers scratching their heads.

Prospec understand this dilemma and have developed a range of lockers and cubicles that are tough but stylish at the same time. They have plenty of experience of working with gyms and health clubs and know exactly what they need. Take their glass fronted options for example. They tick all the right boxes on the style front, but are much more durable than they look. Which is exactly what is required.

Anyone struggling to kit their gym changing rooms in the right way should get in touch. Not only do they supply what is needed, they also install everything too. It’s a one stop shop. Which is much easier for the custoemr. No messing around with multiple partners. Let Prospec handle the job from start to finish.

Prospec offer competitive prices and high levels of customer service. They know suppliers need to be friendly and flexible to get the job done properly. They always pull out all the stops to meet deadlines and stay on budget. Which is why they are the UK’s premier supplier.

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