This lighting store has one of most comprehensive ranges of home lighting fixtures and Lights in the UK. offer a collection of Contemporary and Traditional Quality home lighting including ceiling lights, wall lights, picture lighting, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor lighting and Jenny Worral table lamps that will inspire and amaze! With over 30 years in the lighting trade we have built up relationships with leading lighting manufacturers and suppliers that ensure we can offer the most competitive prices, prompt delivery and excellent customer service.

Our selection of lights is updated daily, hence is constantly increasing and we have a lighting showroom displaying lights from all our suppliers including Lights ,Lighting , Franklite Lighting ,Dar Lighting ,Elstead Lighting , Searchlight Lighting and many more. This is specialize in many areas of the home lighting particularly Ceiling Pendant Lights, Wall Lights, Picture lights. I.P 44 rated bathroom lights, Led Lights, Angle poise lamps and Crystal Chandeliers where we probably have the largest selection on display of any lighting company in the South of England. At Lighting 4 living home lighting centre we hope that you find what you are looking for, but please do not hesitate to contact our sales team should you require any further information or assistance on our website. Illuminating your home should not be a burden if you feel good, have your rooms installed with the latest and with the most elegant ceiling lighting there is. Impress your guests by showing off not only quality furniture’s but quality ceiling lighting as well. Having quality ceiling lighting installed in your home is just as important as having quality appliances or furniture. Ceiling lighting illuminates your home so your family wont be sitting in the dark. So for next time if you want to lighted your home just come in suitable website that is this.

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