Non-contact Measuring Equipment

Non-Contact Measuring Equipment has the ability to provide high standard, accurate results and they are easy to learn and of the highest quality. Using Non-contact measuring equipment’s like video non-contact measuring machines, non-contact coordinate measuring machine and optical measuring machines will greatly improve the profitability of your business and the accuracy of production. This equipment uses a combination of high-precision optics, sophisticated light sources and video recognition to quantify parts and control the quality of your manufacturing process.

The different types of Non-contact measuring equipment’s are Video Non-Contact Measuring Machines easy to program and operate and the measuring system use the CCD to capture the image instead of the profile projector. The non-contact video measuring system could offer a solution to solve the problem of changing the lens and to measure the surface of working piece unlike the profile projector. It prepares the statistics analysis and make SPC report a directly.

Then Coordinate Measuring Machines which is equipment utilized for measuring the physical geometrical features of an entity. This machine may be manually controlled by an operator or computer controlled. This machine features Crash protection, Offline programming, it has SPC software and temperature compensation due to which there is increased controller compatibility within the machine.

Along with it this machine provides laser safety and accuracy and last you have the Optical Measuring Machines have high magnifying factor they help to develop, maintain and provide important production processes and are able to measure surfaces without physical contact. This ensures that all parts are stuck to given standards and with perfect dimensions. They are used for measurement of flat elements such as gaskets, washers and stamped items generally. These machines are Fast and flexible and designed to face the modern market requirements.

All the above non-contact measuring equipment mentioned improve the productivity of your business.

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