Why Bikers May Be More Likely to Require Compensation Claims

Despite the ever increasing petrol prices at the pumps, cars, motorbikes and other vehicles are unlikely to disappear from our roads anytime soon, and unfortunately neither are road traffic accidents. The government’s latest advertising campaign encourages us to ‘Think bike. Think biker. Think Steve’, and for a very good reason. While fatalities do of course occur far more regularly than they should for car drivers and passengers, a motorbike accident runs a greater risk of serious injury or fatality because the rider doesn’t have a the huge metal carcass of a car to protect them. Motorbikes are also more likely to be involved in RTAs because they can’t be as easily seen on the road – it doesn’t matter how much high visibility clothing the biker is wearing if a driver pulls out while they’re in their blind spot.

Victims of motorbike accidents have the right to put in a compensation claim in the same way that other road traffic accident victims do. Just as with other compensation claims, evidence is key, so what you do immediately after the accident may be crucial. If you are in a position to do so, find out if there are any witnesses and encourage them to stick around to make a statement. Keep calm as much as you can, as this will help you to stay focused and may stop you from forgetting important details. Document what has happened in as much detail as you can as soon as possible, and use any camera you have on you (such as on your phone) to document the scene. Obviously if you have serious injuries, none of this may be possible.

If you have suffered a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault, then a personal injury solicitor will discuss your case with you closely to establish if you have a chance to claim.

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