Promotional Products: What are the Options?

When it comes to promotional items there is an immensity of choice in regards to the kinds of products that will be effective; however, this burden of choice can present a challenge: i.e. how do you choose the right promotional products to a) represent your brand, and b) remain inside your budget?

Well with so many promotional products out there it is entirely possible to do both, and there is bound to be an item out there that corresponds ideally to your advertising plan. Of course, there are also more general products, that are bound to be effective for a wide range of diverse businesses, making them the “staples” of promotional items.


Stationery are exactly these kinds of products, and whether you choose to promote your product or service with pens or keyrings, stationery items can perform excellently in a promotional context, no matter what your business. There are a a few reasons for this, on the one hand stationery is very receptive to logos, and can therefore be emblazoned with your companies insignia without “clouding” the function of the item, and stationery also a clear usability factor, which means your are transferring something of value to your potential customer base, clients or employees, which will translate into a positive brand image.

Perhaps the biggest reason why stationery items are so effective, however, is that they are cheap (albeit high quality) items and can therefore be bought in bulk at relatively low cost, this means there is maximum potential to reach customers, and minimal cost to you!

Carrier Bags

Promotional products such as stationery are not the only options of course, and for many companies who want to associate their brand with high street glamour, for example. In this regard high quality carrier bags can be highly effective, as like stationery they can easily be emblazoned with a logo without masking the quality of the product, whilst they also have an obvious usability factor.

Unlike stationery however, quality carrier bags are more associated with ideas of high quality and high style, and therefore they are the perfect kinds of promotional items for use by high street shops etc that wish to convey certain ideals.

Modern Items

As we progress inexorably into the future our use of traditional items, such as pens pencils and even watches, diminishes, and therefore if you want your company to exude a modern quality, traditional promotional items might not be most suitable. Luckily, there are plenty of modern promotional items available that wont break the bank; the best examples of these include items like usb memory sticks or even simpler items such as mouse mats.

Of course, a usb memory stick will always cost more than a pen, however with such a high usability factor the extra cost could be well worth it, especially if there is a clear association between the product and your brand.

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