Mongoose Bikes

Since its birth in the USA in the early 1970’s, the Mongoose bicycle company has grown to become a globally recognised manufacturer of high-quality BMX, road and mountain bikes. However, because their range of bikes is so impressive, it can often be quite hard to select one, single model to buy.

Here are some Mongoose bikes that are consistently whetting the appetites of riders all around the world:- Black Diamond Triple Whether going up, down or sideways; the Black Diamond is an absolute joy to ride. Indeed, its comfy seat cockpit and reactive handling, along with its wonderfully aerodynamic and well-balanced frame all combine to make it a genuine riding treat.

Teocali Super Thanks to its hydro-formed aluminium frame, high-end gear kit pieces and sublime fork and rear shocks; the performance capabilities of the Teocali Super are incredibly impressive. And just for good measure, it can also boast a zero-stack headset, an air spring and external bearings in the bottom bracket amongst its comprehensive extra features.

Otero Elite The Otereo Elite has an adjustable air spring as well as hydraulic brakes that completely outperform the cable disc brakes that most other bikes in this price category traditionally use. On top of this, the Otereo Elite also possesses a heat-treated alloy frame, rebound damping piece in the rear shocks and dual-density handlebar grips.

Tyax Super Riders that are either very tall or very short would do well to consider purchasing the Tyax Super as Mongoose offers it with no less than six different frame sizes. Furthermore, its trail-tested aluminium frame, premium brakes and eight-speed freewheel cassette help to ensure it is a very sweet investment indeed. When it comes to purchasing BMX, road and mountain bikes of supreme quality, Mongoose bikes are simply in a class of their own.

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