Customised Technology For Rack Servers

One of the best elements of choosing your own network storage servers is the ability to customise what you want. There are innumerable pieces of hardware and software that can go in a server and it should all really adapt to meet your needs, particularly if you already have pre-existing technology that it should work with. This may include being ready for virtualisation software such as VMware, which your company may be running and relying upon. Having a variable number of drive bays which can allow you lots of scope for upgrading will also be a huge advantage. Typically you can choose from 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 36 and 45 drive bays for your network storage. Some discs come in 2.5” varieties and others in 3.5”, so getting the right size will be imperative for your current technology, hard drives and rack servers.

You should also be able to choose the other storage features such as Citrix ready, as well as iSCSI and NAS failover along with File Data Reduplication. The hardware of the machine itself will also be vital, with many having a preference for better processing power if they are likely to be using the machine with VMware. An Intel Quad Core Xeon running at 2.66 GHz with a 12mb cache will certainly use more power but these rack servers will also be able to respond much quicker than slower varieties, which can make them infinitely preferable when your system is under heavy load. Another factor in the response time will be the RAM and the amount of it. Having the latest DDR3 RAM DIMM running at 1600 MHz with parity will be a huge advantage but it should be bought to match the applications that you are running on your servers.

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