WeThePeople Bikes

WeThePeople is a German BMX company that makes excellent quality bikes for all levels of rider, from novice newbies, all the way up to seasoned professionals. WeThePeople have earned an enviable reputation for quality as every single one of their bikes is made to perform to the highest standards, regardless of whether it is to be used every day by professionals or occasionally by enthusiasts.

WeThePeople design and manufacture BMX bikes for various different riding styles such as dirt biking and freestyle riding.

The top end WeThePeople BMX bikes are manufactured to withstand the incredibly hard riding that is consistent with competing on the professional circuit. Indeed, the frames of these bikes are exceptionally strong and can tolerate a high level of impact, which is naturally very important with a professional level bike.

As well as top end bikes, WeThepeople also have a rookie series of bikes that are specially designed with newcomers to BMX riding in mind. These bikes are absolutely perfect for beginners as they are easy to move around yet are still constructed with the same high level of quality and precision that the professional level bikes are made with. Rookie bikes are a little bit smaller than the average BMX as this allows younger riders to perform tricks without having to struggle with the extra weight of an adult bike. Furthermore, rookie bikes are also highly stylised so that younger riders can be sure that they will look cool at their local skate park.

Quite simply, We The People BMX bikes are top quality and will withstand many years of hard riding. And, with so many great bikes available, riders of all levels are sure to find one that will make their riding experience fun and enjoyable, which is what BMX riding is all about.

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