Creating third party link opportunities

SEO experts are always on the lookout for high quality links that will bring longevity and great results. SEO link building is an on-going challenge for many website owners and often link building services are highly sought after from SEO agencies. It is an art to build links that are not viewed as self-promoting and unnatural and search engines are getting ever more astute at identifying dubious links.

Third party links can be particularly difficult to accrue. Think about why you think there may be an issue – are you actually inviting people to link to you? If not, you need to get that remedied. Take time to assess your site with cold eyes – you’d be surprised sometimes at how simple the answer may be.

If your site is up to scratch then here are some tips on getting more links from third parties:

Business reviews

Look at all your suppliers, partners and services that your company uses to make life easier. Sending them a review without them asking for it is likely to get a positive response and they are likely to put it on their website. You may find that they post the review on Facebook or send out a few Tweets.

Make sure you do everything for them – write the text, add a link, image, company logo and if possible send it across in HTML so it’s super quick and easy to post on their website. It takes a little work but the results can be great.

Invite your customers to review

This is a great of creating links without having to do any work. Make it straightforward for customers to review your site. There are several ways you can approach this. There are some great review sites that have widgets that can be embedded in the site.

It’s a good idea to set up a reviews page which links into a minimum of three review sites and also highlights a selection of reviews. Be aware that you’ll get a mix of reviews but it will encourage links and interaction from your customer. Pretty quickly your community can grow as you invite your visitors to comment about you. You make the process easy by leading them to the best places to write a review whilst giving them a range of options.

For SME customers providing a choice of review site can be very advantageous as although some customers may have a Facebook or Yelp account many will not.

By encouraging people to leave reviews you’re more likely to get good reviews as often people just don’t think of commenting about good experiences.

Add social media widgets and share buttons

This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many websites just don’t do this. Using the Facebook like widget can be very effective as it requires just one click. If the Facebook user has a public profile then you’ll also get a link.

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