Link building needs careful research

It is not possible to gather high quality inbound links for a site if research is not done. Each site needs its own distinctive link building strategies if it is to continue to prosper. The sphere of search is not merely very competitive; it is also fluid. This means that strategies can never be set in stone. What works today might not work well some time down the track.

At we keep an eye on the search world so our SEO link building is always up to scratch. In practice, this means we scan the horizon of the search world in a rigorous fashion. Anything less would leave our campaigns open to being outpaced by those of our rivals.

In order to get high quality links, it is vital to proceed on a number of different fronts. For example, attracting links often needs work which pleases users and search engines alike. The social media are also worth using in the search for links. It is critical not to get links in ways which the search engines disapprove of. For instance, the purchasing of links is judged to be unethical and such an approach may lead to disaster.

Keeping up with change in the sector is made easier if it is realised where change stems from. One of the main sources of change is competition between the search engines and competition between the social media. This competition promotes innovation. It is these innovations which can then throw up new opportunities and challenges.

Given that Google is in the ascendancy, it makes sense to focus on what Google wants. Its recent Panda Updates have confirmed that it appreciates good quality content. This is what users crave. If content is produced to a high enough standard on a regular basis then people will want to link to the site in question. The other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! have similar priorities to Google.

Google’s commitment to high grade content may be one reason why it is doing so well in the United States and in the UK. Experian Hitwise has done a recent survey of 10 million American users which indicates that Google has been pulling slightly ahead of Yahoo! and Bing.

Just because Google has been scoring well in search does not mean that the mighty Facebook should fear its social media rivals. Since the advent of Google+, Facebook has made several changes to its service. Twitter has also not been idle. This means that there is plenty of scope for pursuing links on Facebook and Twitter. These campaigns need subtlety and patience, but they can pay off. It is important to bear in mind that Google+ or LinkedIn may be useful for some campaigns.

Attracting inbound links is neither easy nor straightforward. Persistence is the key. It is imperative to move forward gradually. Remaining focused on a target audience is crucial to achieving success. Doing the right research, including that done on the social media, is absolutely pivotal for sustainable improvements in site performance.

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