The perfect SEO team

In any SEO team there are certain personalities that will make it a successful mix. If one or more is missing then your search engine optimization team will fail to have all the essential skills it requires to succeed. There are four main character types that are required for effective SEO marketing – technical, creative, link building and analytical. As a caveat however, although you may have four individuals who specialise in each specific area the most effective team will be one where all team members can turn their hand to each approach.

Techie SEO

The first personality to have is that of the techie SEO. There are many technical implications in search engine optimization so a grasp of this area is essential. Everyone working in SEO must have a good understanding of CSS and HTML but it can be very beneficial to have a specialist who understands the impact of structural website changes is a real bonus.

Having a technical focus can also help further campaigns when looking at on-page and structural aspects of the SEO marketing.

Creative SEO

The next must-have personality is the creative SEO. These people think off-the-wall. They are visionary and have the ability to visualise how an SEO campaign will link into organic marketing, B2B, PR, social media and all other marketing elements so that the company approaches things in a synergistic way. When it comes to branding the ability to envision cohesive marketing is a major advantage.

An integral part of SEO is content management and marketing. No matter what your tactics – standard linkbait, copy or tools, having a creatively biased person on board will be instrumental in creating an effective campaign for attracting your target audience.

Link building SEO

Link building is again integral to good SEO but there are certain people that have a talent for it. They like spreadsheets, manipulating data and are great relationship builders. And most importantly, they are not afraid of hard graft. Successful link building is a challenge requiring dedication and sheer ingenuity seeking out opportunities and building partnerships.
The long term hard work that is required to ensure your link building effort develop into real results requires a person that is focused and hard working.

Analytical SEO

The final piece in the jigsaw is the analysis junkie. Being able to work data and analytics into meaningful information is essential to the development of your SEO. Someone who is fired up by data and stats will be invaluable for interpreting information. They love theorising over cause and effect and love spreadsheets.

When analysing the benefits of a certain campaign these people will come to the fore. It takes great attention to detail to track the progress of a campaign and to then evaluate the value of that activity. When it comes to justifying marketing spend on SEO this person will be necessary and will be instrumental in identifying issues and areas for improvement.

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