Climbing frames – the fun way to keep your children fit and healthy!

If you are looking for a fun way to keep the kids occupied during the summer months, why not consider installing a climbing frame in your garden?
You may have memories of climbing frames from your own childhood, but if you have a look at the Dunster House range of climbing frames, you will see that they have changed a great deal from the basic structures which used to occupy park playgrounds all those years ago. The climbing frames available at Dunster House start with the Minifort Discovery and go right through to the Megafort Colossus, and whichever frame you choose, it is guaranteed to keep your kids occupied and healthy!
Climbing frames and other outdoor play equipment available from Dunster House can provide kids with countless hours of fun. Children have a natural tendency to be active and as long as parents provide them with opportunities to exercise in fun, playful ways, they are likely to build and maintain strong, healthy bodies.

Fun and fitness with climbing frames
Fitness need not be dull or tiresome. In fact, the best ways to help kids to stay fit involves just letting them be kids. After you have chosen your climbing frame, the helpful and friendly staff at Dunster House will advise you on the correct way to install climbing frames safely and securely.
Dunster House was established in 1994, and their low prices and customer care promise means customers keep coming back. Dunster House have their own work force, vehicles and factories which means they are never reliant on outside agents to uphold the standards they have set. Perhaps more important than that, this means that there is no middle man to put the prices up.

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