The benefits of teeth whitening treatment

More and more people are investing in teeth whitening products in order to restore bright white colour to their teeth. Over time, our teeth can become discoloured, because of the foods that we eat and the drinks that we consume. Smokers in particular are known for facing problems with discoloured teeth, making them noted beneficiaries of teeth whitening products. The products won’t damage teeth during the process of restoring them to a more desirable colour, and none of the surface of the tooth is removed when the work is completed. Your dentist can usually be relied upon to perform teeth whitening procedures. It’s always worth remembering that you’ll need to repeat the treatments involved in whitening regularly in order to continue to enjoy whiter teeth.

Treatment at home

Ageing is another reason for less-than-white teeth to make themselves known. Over time, the enamel of our teeth becomes thinner and thinner, leading to further discolouring. When your dentist performs whitening procedures, you can expect them to take a picture of your teeth before work begins to allow you to assess how successful the work has been later. In order to find out why your teeth have become discoloured, your dentist will usually ask you several questions regarding your diet and may look at or ask you about your past dental history. It is possible to use teeth whitening products at home but these do rely upon your dedication, the usage of a special mouthpiece and the close following of instructions in order for them to be successful.

When to consult your dentist

There are two types of teeth whitening; vital and non-vital. Non-vital whitening takes place when staining has occurred on the inside of a tooth and when root canal treatment has taken place, meaning that there is no longer a live nerve to consider. This involves special procedures that will allow the inside of a tooth to be treated. Vital whitening however is a simpler process where a solution is placed onto the tooth directly in order for the desired colour to be restored. If any problems arise after teeth whitening occurs, you should always get in touch with your dentist so that they can be reversed and appropriate further treatment put into place.



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