Rollers for conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are found in many different places with a whole variety of applications. In a restaurant that serves sushi, the belt that carries the various dishes will probably be of a nylon material and will be continuous, whereas if you attend a logistics distribution centre the belt will have rollers, so that the boxes that are being carried can be more easily placed on the belt, and can be more easily removed, as there is no grip from the material holding the box.


Rollers need to be durable as they will constantly be the subject of friction, both from the carriage of materials as well as from the rotating effect that will be found from the spindle that will run through the centre of them so that they can constantly rotate. The material used to create the rollers can be stainless steel or a hardwearing plastic. The rollers need not be smooth in terms of the finish as they may be grooved to allow for better retention of the items they are carrying. The rollers can also be covered in rubber. The type of roller that you will use will be determined by the items that will be placed on the belt, and that will include decisions such as weight, volume and the need for grip on the item as it moves along the belt. The use of polypropylene will allow for rollers to be tapered. It may be that the belt needs to have a camber and the way to do this is to build up the roller by encasing it with polypropylene which will have a different thickness at one end to the other, thus effectively creating a slope on the roller.

Differing lengths

It may be that the main conveyor will have belts that are being used to filter goods off to other picking stations and that this will mean that this belt will not have a consistent width, and that parts of it will be tapered. Rollers can be cut to any length so as to allow for this type of required flexibility.

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