A Rough Guide to Great Website Design

Your website is only as good as its design. It doesn’t matter how valuable the product or information that you offer is if it is undermined by a poor website. As the internet becomes more and more prominent, the rules governing great web design are becoming somewhat clearer.

Bespoke web design is all about translating the value of your brand to your customer. Across the internet this alchemy is not only possible, but with the right initiative it becomes easy. Remember, there are now certain conventions that govern quality, bespoke web design.

On the internet, users crave simplicity. They will be put off by websites that are cluttered with extraneous information, just is as one wouldn’t feel comfortable in a messy room. The best web design is about simple, intuitive aesthetics that get your brand message across without any clouding of the concept or confusing with extraneous content.

Great web design also needs to be highly usable. Great aesthetics and better usability often go hand in hand, and in web design more often than not it does. Ensure that your site can easily be navigated, and that there aren’t too many clicks from landing on your page to transaction.

More technically, it is also important that your site is optimised for search engines. The practice of doing this is known as SEO. Very briefly, search engines like written content and currently don’t look kindly on flash and non-written content. So, have words at the heart of your site, and perhaps run an internal blog.

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