Mannequins Embody the Best of Retail Design

In retail there are certain tools in your toolbox that can be used to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Of course, the better your retail environment conforms to the needs of your customers the more liable that they will be to spend their pennies. With this in mind, it definitely pays to use all of the tools in your toolbox, to enhance your retail store.

Depending on what your store is all about, mannequins can be used very effectively. We all recognise that mannequins and retail go hand in hand. If you are a clothes retailer, and even if you are not, a mannequin delivers on several levels – both in terms of increasing the usability of the space, and also in stylistic terms, as the mannequin is inherently stylish.

To clarify, the mannequin increases usability in a retail space, because it enables clothes to be displayed much more effectively. They deliver intuitive and ergonomic methods of displaying items; clothes as they should be worn so to speak.

This in itself means better retail display. The other shop fittings in your store, by contrast, are lifeless and don’t have this lively, ergonomic edge. A mannequin brings your clothes to life, and so has greater appeal for your customers.

So entwined with clothes retail is the mannequin that they now work as style items in their own right. In a vintage shop for instance, the right mannequin can become a style centrepiece. They aren’t just a great way in which to display clothes but they are also, importantly, great works of design. Whether you are a garment retailer or not, a mannequin could really work for you.

There are all sorts of mannequins to choose from, from partial mannequins to vintage models.

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