The Importance of Air Ducting Maintenance

An air duct is a hollow tube which is used to carry hot or cool air throughout a building. They are usually made from sheet metal and are an integral part of any ventilation system. They feed the hot or cold air into vents placed throughout the building and these vents can then be switched on or off depending on the users’ preference.

Whilst providing hot or cold air is undoubtedly an essential benefit for many building owners an air duct system is not without its problems.

Leaking Ducts

A leaking duct can be the result of poor installation and occurs when the links between pipes or in corners are not fixed or soldered effectively. As many ducts are hidden out of plain sight a leak can be missed or forgotten and in turn can cause huge amounts of waste for the building owner, in both financial and environmental terms.


As previously stated maintenance of ducts is essential to reduce long term problems. Experts recommend that consistent maintenance and cleaning of the ducts and ventilation systems is essential to guarantee the long term working ability of the ducts. Many professional Air Duct Fitters offer a maintenance contract at the time of fitting and it is these people who are fully qualified, experienced and licensed to provide the best service to keep a duct system working to its bull capabilities. They can also be used as a troubleshooting service to give advanced warning as to weak areas which may cause leaking at a later time.

Further Reasons for Maintenance.

Whilst conclusive results have yet to be published it is estimated that a poorly maintained duct system and the associated vents can leave the air inside a building often in a poorer state than might be the case outside. With many workplaces now receiving legal action for the poor health of their employers, both past and present the avoidance of such action for the sake of a cleaning and maintenance contract seems like a moot point.

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  1. Air ducting maintenance is important in order to ensure that the air quality in a building is maintained. If the air ducts are not cleaned regularly, dust and dirt can accumulate, which can lead to respiratory problems for the people who work or live in the building. In addition, if the air ducts are not properly sealed, hot or cold air can escape, resulting in increased energy costs.

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