The Best ATE Insurance For Your Client

If your client is currently engaged in litigation and you are unsure about the outcome then investing in after the event insurance (ATE) could be the ideal measure to protect your client’s assets. If your client has not invested in before the event insurance (or if the level of cover offered under the BTE is insufficient), then finding a broker with vast experience in hedging litigation risk can assist in limiting your client’s exposure, substantially reducing the financial risk of the litigation.

The time and expense involved in legal proceedings varies from case to case, however in this economic climate neither individuals nor businesses can afford to ignore the costs involved. Nevertheless by investing wisely in ATE insurance, many of these costs can be successfully mitigated. As a general rule, ATE will provide cover for your opponent’s costs and disbursements and your client’s own disbursements. Nevertheless the precise terms are often negotiated on a case-by-case basis and thus the difficulty is in finding the most appropriate policy for your client. Using a specialised broker of after the event insurance, who will undertake a search of the market, is therefore an ideal solution.

The funding requirements of each case can be different and unique, and finding a suitable policy on behalf of your client can be a time consuming and complicated process. By utilising a broker who can research and present the options available to you in a succinct manner, you can source the best ATE insurance for your client. Your broker should ideally be able to offer insurance cover ranging from less than £100k to in excess of £20m.

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