The daddy of all diamond rings

Consumers are certainly not stuck for choice these days when they are on the lookout for diamond rings. By heading online, for example, they can take their pick from a vast array of fabulous products, including princess cut diamond engagement rings and many other offerings. Meanwhile, regardless of their budgets, they should be able to find princess cut diamond rings and so on that fall within their spending limits.

However, not everyone is subject to financial constraints when they are hunting down their perfect trinkets and one firm to be making the most of this is Shawish Jewellery. The firm, which is based in Geneva, has created a diamond ring worth $70 million (£44.2 million), the Daily Mail reports. The lavish item, which took a year to make, is 150-carat.

Unlike most rings, it does not comprise a metal band with settings upon which gems rest. Instead, the whole object is made from diamond. The product was crafted from an enormous chunk of the precious stone. Special laser equipment was purchased by the company to ensure that the quality of the diamond did not suffer during the creation of the ring. The process involved cutting a hole right through the middle of the rock.

The original designs for the creation were copyrighted and released in April of last year and a team has been working on the product ever since.

According to the Daily Mail, the resulting piece of jewellery has “completely shown up the biggest celebrity rocks on record”. It pointed to Elizabeth Taylor’s 33.19-carat diamond ring, which is stated “fell well short”. Meanwhile, in reference to singer Beyonce’s recently revealed 18-carat engagement ring, it claimed the star’s bling was blown out of the water. Kim Kardashian’s 20.5-carat ring did not escape comparison either, with the publication stating it “may as well have been a cubic zirconia in comparison to Shawish’s handiwork”.

Chief executive officer of the firm Mohamed Shawesh stated: “[The ring] shows what Shawish can do. It’s our identity, and it’s making our customers’ dreams come true.”

Wowing onlookers, the impressive item finally went on show recently at Baselworld 2012, which is an annual watch and jewellery trade show based in Switzerland. It almost goes without saying that no other objects at the event could compete with the sheer luxury of this item.

Thankfully, individuals on the lookout for new princess cut diamond engagement rings and so on do not have to stretch their budgets into the millions in order to get attractive products. As long as they know where to look, they can source gorgeous princess cut diamond rings and other similar items at superb value prices.

Many people would argue that smaller, more understated diamond jewellery is in fact more appealing and classy. The important thing is that consumers are able to get exactly what they are looking for. Trinkets like this are highly personal items and it is crucial that consumers fall in love with the products they buy. By putting careful thought into their purchases, they should achieve precisely this.

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