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Better value heating oil this winter

Everyone is watching their pennies at the moment. Right across the UK households and businesses have a tight rein on their finances and any ways to save money on everyday necessities provides much needed and welcome relief.

As autumn fades people start to gear up for winter. The country has seen some severe winters in recent years. No one know what to expect this time around, but it’s bound to get bit chillier at some point. And that means making decisions about heating oil.

The market for heating oil can be influenced by a number of different factors such as transportation difficulties bringing it in from the Middle East and Africa for example. Prices can fluctuate, so customers need to make sure they are getting the best deal when the weather starts to turn colder.

The team at Fuel Fighter are firmly on the side of the hard pressed consumer. They put all their energy in to supplying and giving them great value with low heating oil prices. It pays to prepare for winter and bulk buy ready for the next few months.

Fuel Fighter understands the importance of price sensitivity to customers, but they are more than just a supplier of low cost fuel. They appreciate just how much their customers rely on deliveries, so strive to offer the best customer service available anywhere. The team understand the importance of pulling out all the stops and being accommodating and flexible to ensure people get their fuel on time as well as at the right price.

Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security. It might be mild out there presently, but that could all change. Speak to Fuel Fighter and plan ahead for the next few months. They’ll be only too happy to help and help their customers stay warm this winter.

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