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If you are a business owner but you require a completely new shelving system for your warehouse or office, you might not know who to ask for assistance from. After all, the number of companies to browse at can be puzzling. However, courtesy of our extensive experience that has assisted a countless number of businesses along with our professionals own product knowledge we have been the first choice of many and rightfully so.

In all, we offer a comprehensive catalogue of shelving products. These include boltless shelving that can support weights of up to 600kg per shelf and longspan shelving which is perfect for a larger warehouse area especially as they can hold loads of up to 850kg. We even supply a substantial number of used racking items. Although this has been previously owned, its aesthetic qualities do not indicate this and it can be relied on no matter what is asked of it. Shelving might not be the only product that’s required because there are others too which we’re equally proud to supply.

Our range of racking items is just as impressive and we have continuously supplied a number of superb products to businesses who are based all around the United Kingdom. We are able to offer an extensive number of pallet racking items and these have impressed multiple warehouse managers. Pallet racking is designed to last and can benefit any warehouse area. Pallets of differing sizes can fit onto this particular racking product. In all, we offer a variety of sizes because we understand that not every warehouse is the same as each other.

If you would like to find out more information, contact us. Our customer focused team look forward to helping you make the right decision with their extensive product knowledge used to the advantage of their customers at all times.

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