Car check/vehicle check

A valuable friend on the forecourt

How many vehicles out there have a hidden history? A chequered past that should be a red light to any potential buyers. The answer is quite a few and drivers can never be too careful when looking to buy a used car. There are unscrupulous dealers out there looking to make a fast buck and they are prepared to trade in vehicles that aren’t always what they seem.

The main problems buyers need to be aware of are things like accident history, number of owners and whether the vehicle is stolen or has outstanding finance on it. No one wants to get lumbered with a dodgy motor, but all too often people are prepared to make a major purchase like this, hand over thousands of pounds of their own hard earned cash without running a thorough vehicle check to find out the real history of that car.

One simple car check can save a whole lot of hassle and heartache. It’s really easy to do thanks to sites like Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can run a vehicle check in a matter of minutes. Just enter the registration details where prompted on the site, pay the modest charge and receive a full report detailing all the key facts and figures about that car.

Buying a car is an emotional purchase. It’s easy to get carried away, make a rash decision or fall victim to smooth talking salesmen. A little common sense and time to think are what’s called for. Run a vehicle check with iCarCheck to see if that car really did have one careful lady owner. The truth comes out in a check like this. It’s a service that used car buyers have been crying out for. Steer clear of the real lemons on the forecourt thanks to iCarCheck.

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