Helping you to see a marvel of nature

There are many sights in the world which are absolutely wonderful. You might imagine the Pyramids in Egypt being a prime example of such or even the Great Wall of China. However, these are manmade structures. In order to see a completely natural occurrence which has led some people to cry tears of joy, we can assist.

When witnessing the Aurora Borealis, this experience has stayed long in the memory of those who have seen it for themselves. The Northern Lights happen when radiation from the sun clashes with particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. This only occurs around two hundred miles above those who see them. Although this is a completely natural occurrence, the Aurora Borealis still amazes people and this isn’t surprising. The bright and vibrant colours which are produced are simply outstanding and they can be witnessed courtesy of our Northern Lights holidays.

Held in our ski lodge in Abisko in Sweden, this marvellous setting will astound you. Abisko benefits from clear blue skies. Therefore, when the sun’s activity starts to penetrate the Earth’s a wonderful spectacle is provided. Although the settings that our Northern Lights holidays take place in are inviting, if you want to see the Aurora Borealis even closer our ski lift offers you the perfect opportunity for this.

Our Northern Lights holidays take place over four days and, although we cannot guarantee how active the sun will be, we can promise a fun and exciting time during the day. No matter what you require from Northern Lights holidays, your expectations can be fulfilled when choosing us. Best of all, if the price quoted to you by other companies was too expensive, we are unlike them as the amounts that we charge for you to see the Aurora Borealis are very competitive.

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