Bring Your Business Premises to Life

Usually, the term ‘bringing your workplace to life’ is merely a metaphor for becoming more productive and having a lively working environment. However, whilst a busy and productive workplace will indeed be very beneficial, it may be even more beneficial to quite literally bring it to life.

However, bringing a building to life doesn’t mean using some voodoo magic to make your premises sentient, and you don’t have to worry about any Dickian futuristic world where the buildings take over. Instead, bringing your workplace to life can simply mean utilising living walls so that your walls, inside or out, are covered with living, breathing organisms.

Green walls are, as they sound, walls that have been covered with greenery, and more specifically plant life that will be able to thrive and create both works of art and help purify the air around at the same time. The benefits of this approach to turn urban areas green once more are numerous, and they don’t just stop at making your building more attractive and more interesting.

Whilst the aesthetic benefits will indeed be great, green walls will make your business attractive in other ways. More and more consumers are becoming focussed on social issues and showing your environmental conscience will help attract a wider range of customers to your business.

On top of this, living walls can act as the perfect air filtration system, not only helping built up areas to become healthier and less polluted, but also helping those indoors to stay healthy. Many business premises are ten times more polluted that outside spaces and therefore filtering the air and purifying it will help any workforce stay healthier and in turn far more productive.

Standing out is never easy in business, but the right green approach such as this can help your business come alive in more ways than one, making it healthier both literally and very much figuratively too.

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