Are you fully insured to drive?

Driving without insurance is one of those traffic offences that many people believe is not too serious. However the penalties can still be high, so it pays to seek advice of a specialist motoring lawyer in these circumstances. A Court can apply a penalty of up to 8 points and you can pay a hefty maximum fine of £5,000. For this reason, motorists should take extra care that their car is insured appropriately as driving without insurance is deemed illegal as stated in the 1988 Road Traffic Act.
Great care and attention should be taken when applying for driving insurance as depending on the use of car a policy may not be fully sufficient to cover all your driving needs. For example, some policies will only cover domestic and social use – if you use your car for work purposes then you will need a different policy. If your insurance cover is deemed insufficient then you may also be liable for a motoring conviction.
However, as with all motoring offences, things are not always black and white. There are some situations where there may be exceptional circumstances and motoring solicitors can help you to avoid a stiff penalty. When driving at work, you will need to prove that this was the case and had no reason to doubt that you were insured by your employer. In this circumstance a Court may find you not guilty.
There may be other special reasons taken into account which will lead the Court to waive penalties even though you have been guilty of driving without insurance. One such situation is where the insurance company have cancelled the policy without your prior knowledge. Another example is where a driver is not responsible for buying insurance and the policy has run out. At Cunninghams Solicitors we can help you deal with your court summon effectively to gain the best outcome for your situation.

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