Biggest gamblers identified

Many individuals like to engage in the occasional flutter, putting their money down to see whether or not they can play the odds effectively and make a profit, while also having some fun in the process. Meanwhile, a rising number of people across the UK and many other countries around the world are switching on to the benefits of online gambling.

Indeed, via this medium it is even possible to place wagers at no cost. For example, consumers can head to sites like Party Bets and take advantage of the Party Bets free bet code.

However, some like to spend big and an article featured in the Daily Star has drawn attention to a handful of high-profile gamblers. First in its list was Zeljko Ranogajec. The former law student and Australian billionaire of Croatian descent started off with an initial stake of hundreds, building up to win millions. He now employs a full staff to compare odds and find him the best bets. In common with many of those who use the Party Bets website, he favours horse betting.

Meanwhile, fellow prolific gambler Kerry Packer was known for taking risks in casinos and it is claimed that he once won up to $7 million (£4.4 million) in a single session of this kind. There is even a story that the daring Australian made a bet of $100 million dollars on the toss of a coin, but that his opponent backed down.

Also on the list is Japanese businessman Akio Kashiwagi, who was also known as The Warrior. Before meeting a violent end, he regularly used to wager $200,000 a time in casinos in the US.

Of course, people do not have to splash out vast sums of cash to have fun and potentially make money while gambling. Indeed, by making use of a Party Bets free bet code, they can avoid risk altogether.

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