Benefits of Commercial Metal Fencing

Fencing is a common installation across many commercial and residential buildings that acts as a visual boundary to indicate an area in which a property owner or company holds the legal entitlement to. Wooden fences are traditionally used within the former, although some companies also choose wood for its aesthetical incentive, in addition to its practicality within security. To any singular or multiple companies located within its own premises or within a retail or industrial estate, securing efficient security measures is of fundamental importance to ensure the safety of all individuals and company property is maintained. Although wood is practical as a form of fence, the durability limitations against adverse weather conditions and potential damage caused by intruders can be detrimental within the prevention of theft. This is where metal fencing comes to the fore as an excellent installation as security fencing to provide numerous benefits across an entire boundary.

In contrast to wood, metal fencing does not require annual conditioning to ensure its strength is continual and prominent on an annual basis. Metals such as aluminium are a form of stainless steel that does not suffer from rust as a result of heavy rain or damp conditions; such metals can also be coated with waterproof paint to provide an aesthetic finish to appease both staff members and clients or customers who enter the premises. As metal cannot be easily damaged or altered, its considerable strength and durability is ideal for fencing as it prevents, or at least considerably delays, the act of unlawful access or theft. Additionally, the rigid structure provided by metal security fencing, either via installation into the ground or within a concrete block, allows for considerable height to be added to any fence which, added with the small gaps and inclusion of barbed wire, provides maximum security measure across any borderline.

For all unique specifications, either for a company who utilise their own premises or a multitude of businesses who operate within an industrial estate or retail park, Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd are experts in the manufacture of fencing panels, temporary fencing panels, security fencing, industrial mesh and many other wire products. Acquiring the services of such companies can provide excellent quality of fencing to be used for purpose as the ultimate security feature.

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