Safer working and a leaner induction process

Getting employees up to speed when they join is important. They need to learn about their new company and the environment in which they are working. One of the most important aspects of the induction process is health and safety. New staff need to understand the potential hazards of their new workplace and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to reduce the risk of a safety incident to work sensibly and safely.

There’s a great deal of time pressure on health and safety induction these days. Companies want their new hires up to speed as soon as possible so they can get started with their job proper, but this doesn’t have to mean being irresponsible or cutting corners. It’s still possible to give people a thorough grounding in good safety practice in a short space of time.

Online health and safety training is helping more and more organisations get safety messages out to new staff quickly and efficiently. Safety information at this level tends to be fairly basic and getting facts and figures across suits this style of training delivery. It helps to keep induction light and lean, but without having to compromise on the quality or length of training that is delivered. Everything is there for new starters at their fingertips, it just cuts down on the need for so much expensive and time consuming classroom training.

Refreshing and streamlining health and safety induction involves sourcing a quality partner with a good safety e-learning solution. Rapid Global have content that can be easily adapted for each customer and rolled out quickly across the business.

Their induction solution and library of online health and safety training is helping organisations meet their legal obligations and create a safer workplace and better safety culture. It’s a sound investment that helps to foster safer and more responsible working and restructure a bloated induction process.

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