How EMDR workshops benefits all of those who attend

When a person suffers psychological trauma, finding a way to help them overcome this might take a very long time. This doesn’t have to be the final outcome for those who find themselves in this situation because through EMDR this can help them to overcome the emotional trauma which has been suffered. Psychological trauma needn’t be everlasting especially through the EMDR workshops which we run.

The EMDR workshops which we are in charge of takes place over the course of seven days. Within small groups which are no more than twelve people, the workshops are run by an experienced facilitator or trainer. The individuals who attend EMDR workshops are able to work on their own personal material as a client and clinician. Such material could be a traumatic memory which happened to them a long time ago. With multiple subjects covered under the EMDR workshops, there are a substantial number of subjects which are taught. Towards the end of the four part course, ten of the twenty hours that are needed in order to receive the EMDR Europe certificate of completion are accrued. This is recognised in the United Kingdom and Europe as well as Ireland. In order to get the remaining ten hours so that trainees receive the accreditation of being an EMDR UK and Ireland Association and EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner, this needs to be completed voluntary; it is strongly recommended that this is carried out.

Overcoming emotional and psychological trauma can be achieved through EMDR workshops which we have ran for a substantial period of time. If you would like to find out more information, contact us. We are able to use all of our extensive knowledge to your advantage so that the best possible outcome will be achieved as a result of our assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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