Create The Rustic Look within the Home

While the modernisation within interior designs via retro chic furniture and décor continues to provide obscure yet aesthetically pleasing residential properties in recent years, homeowners still have the opportunity to maintain or install a traditional ambience and setting that takes its settings from the Jacobean era. Residential properties that were constructed upon structural foundations made from wood emanate from the seventeenth Century, and although have been preceded by steel and brick due to the increased demands in terms of height and overall size, is still prominent within select properties that are either utilised as homes or for commercial purposes. Rustic pubs continue to utilise original structural features to provide an ambient atmosphere in which individuals can enjoy the sense of nature; although modern structures integrate a more durable and long-standing material, wood can still be integrated within residential properties upon flooring and kitchen surfaces such as iroko worktops to recreate the aesthetic qualities.

Although a multitude of timbers can be integrated within flooring and worktops due to their durability and consistency, darker woods were traditionally used to create a sense of originality and denote age. As wood naturally becomes darker through progressive maturity, the aesthetic detail of colour tones and grain become more prominent which, within installations such as beech worktops, can be essential within the aesthetic demands of interior designs to create the right impression for both homeowner and prospective guests. As wood is arguably the prominent feature within rustic pubs via the beams and structural framework that can be made evident via effective use of décor and wall colouring, homeowners now have the incentive to incorporate the same percentage of natural wood within the fabric of their property.

In addition to traditional home-based furniture whereby wood was, and still is to this day, incorporated in the production of chairs, tables and units, iroko worktops can be accompanied by wood flooring to produce an apparent and striking design whilst also being fit for its respective purposes. While some timbers are lighter in colour and grain, alternatives such as beech worktops are still perfect to recreate the rustic feel within a residential property that is prominent within traditional pubs and select households.

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