Amateurs can hit the content wall

Writers’ block is specific to literary figures. It is a phenomenon discussed by authors and commentators and linked to artistic creativity. Some novelists write themselves out or dry up for considerable time periods. Not all of them recover. While composing a search engine optimisation blog will never occasion this kind of problem, some amateur content providers can run out of ideas. Furthermore, they lack the skills to do the job properly.

At, we are experts when it comes to composing a SEO blog. We know how to focus on what a target audience are interested in. In addition, we have the techniques necessary to maximise the influence of blogs.

Amateur content providers do not always recognise when their content has gone stale. They are sometimes tempted to recycle content from other sites. In their desperation, they can easily forget simple techniques such as brainstorming. They might manage to put together one decent piece but the next one may be an uneven mess.

The typical novice has further difficulties. This is because they often fail to give sufficient thought to what should constitute content. They frequently fall into one of two traps. The first one is producing articles which never deviate from something like a formula. The second one is to manufacture articles in a scattergun approach. What novices essentially lack is balance.

When it comes to what to include in a blog, much depends on the nature of the blog in question. It is not possible to go far beyond generalisations in a brief article as ‘one size does not fit all’. Nonetheless, SEO news is often suitable because it should be of interest to users. There are potential problems if the news is not mixed with other stuff.

The difficulty with too much news is an excess of such material can produce tedium. Users require incentives to become repeat visitors to a blog. If they feel sure of what they are going to read in advance, they may go elsewhere. If comments are to be engendered and users are to be kept entertained, a little diversity in content is required.

Professional copywriters have the skill to keep content unique, fresh and varied. They tend to blend news articles with ‘how to’ pieces for example. Many sites benefit from content which enlightens users in an instructional format. Users tend to appreciate being helped to utilise products or services. Video content can be of particular value in this context.

Another form of content which works well is guest blogging. Amateurs typically lack the contacts necessary to do this properly. A guest blog is automatically interesting to users who regularly visit a site. This is because a new writer will have a fresh style and a distinctive perspective, breaking up the reading experience in an interesting fashion.

Investing in high grade content has made sense for a long time. It is worth noting that neither search engines nor users are as tolerant in relation to poor quality as they used to be. Using amateurs is a shortcut to failure.

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