An Economy Drive Based on Trust

Despite the focus on protecting the environment and using public transport, there are many reasons why having a car could make your life simpler. Travelling to work (or looking for work) and picking the children up from school are just two of many. However, even with finance deals offered by dealerships, you still need to be able to come up with the money for a deposit, and this can be a brick wall for some. If you’ve had bad credit in the past, there is every chance that you won’t be able to get a loan from the bank. Likewise, if this is your first car, it might be that you don’t even have any credit history, which will also result in you being turned down.

Amigo Loans understand that banks don’t take other factors into account when it comes to bad credit or no credit loans. Instead of looking at the individual’s current circumstances, it’s just a straight no. This is why they came up with their own category of loan – guarantor loans. A guarantor loan works in a different way because it doesn’t take into account your credit score. Instead, guarantor loans look at your ‘social’ score by relying on a friend or family member of your choice to act as your guarantor.

So whether you’re after bad or no credit loans in order to buy that car you really need, all you need to do is to convince your chosen guarantor that you’re a ‘safe bet’. They know you best, so they know whether you’ll be able to pay your loan back or not. Amigo Loans prefer to work with people who know you and trust you, rather than with a computer that has no idea about your current ability to borrow and repay money.