Promote your business with Calendar printing

Calendar printing services are in high demand as more and more businesses and organisations are choosing to use calendars as a successful yet cost effective marketing tool. Calendar printing is something that has been popular for a long time for promotional purposes but with more and more businesses having less money to spend on fancy marketing campaigns calendar printing has become increasingly popular. Most people will find a use for a calendar so they are a promotional product that has wide appeal. The other great thing about choosing calendar printing for use as a promotional tool is that calendars are lightweight so won’t cost much to post out to customers and clients. Often companies will put calendars in with orders around Christmas time as a little gift for their customers and to keep that company fresh in their minds for the coming year.

Most companies who offer calendar printing will also offer greeting card printing services for all kinds of customers. When it comes to calendar printing there are a range of various standard sizes and some printers may also offer a bespoke service if customers have a particular shape or size of calendar that they would like printing. The standard sizes for calendar printing are A3, A4, slim line, booklet, desktop and CD style calendars. The calendar printing company will often have a number of template designs that can be customised with the clients own text and images. The calendar printing company will offer a design service for customers who require this. They may have a minimum order quantity so people are advised to check this prior to choosing a printing company.

Greeting card printing is also very popular with commercial customers who are looking for ways to promote and market their business or a particular promotion they are running. Many businesses will use greeting card printing services also at Christmas time to send out to their existing customers as well as potential customers whose business they would like to secure. The cost for calendar printing and greeting card printing will usually cost less per item the more that you order and the price will also depend on the size and quality of calendar printing and greeting card printing that people require.



We wanted to boost our marketing this Christmas by sending out a bespoke company calendar and card to our prospective clients but we’d heard that that calendar printing was expensive! Fortunately we found a cost effective company called The Calendar Company who were able to do the greeting card printing too!