Holiday bookings popular at this time of year

There are many reasons why consumers take out of no credit loans like guarantor loans. They can help individuals who struggle to get finance from banks and other such lenders to fulfil certain ambitions, such as buying cars, paying for more advanced education and so on.

However, there is one use of such financial agreements that is particularly appealing to many consumers and that is heading off on much needed holidays. And recent weeks may have seen a spike in booking holidays.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the last Monday of January is the happiest Monday of the year because people receive their post-festive pay cheques and start thinking ahead to their summer holidays and making reservations.

The publication noted that this particular day is often dubbed ‘Happy Monday’ by psychologists and much of this is to do with anticipation about getting away from it all for a week or two during the summer.

Commenting on this, Dr David Holmes, a senior psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, said people experience “renewed vigour” at this point in the calendar.

He added: “We are buoyed by the excitement of having money in the bank again and having one of the major family events of the year – the annual summer holiday – to look forward to.”

Of course, not everyone can fund such bookings upfront and some of those who cannot rely on no credit loans like guarantor loans to help make their dreams a reality.

Meanwhile, Dr Holmes went on to identify a number of other occasions that are likely to inspire happiness over the course of this year. These included the two May bank holidays, the day the clocks go forward in March and Midsummer’s Day, which takes place in June. Also, the celebrations associated with the Diamond Jubilee are likely to boost morale, he claimed.