A quick look at the many popular business mobiles on the market in 2012

In today’s tightly interconnected world, devices abound that allow us all to communicate with each other quicker, and much more easily – such as smartphones and tablet computers – and these devices certainly have obvious benefits when it comes to business.

When you are investing in a mobile phone for business purposes, however, you are likely to have rather distinctive needs – such as the need to keep incoming and outgoing calls on hold, with two or three functioning lines like an office phone. You are also likely to appreciate business mobiles that offer such capabilities as high-speed Internet access and video coverage and conferencing… all combined with a cost-effective tariff.

So… what are some of the most popular and suitable business mobile phones on the market today? Well, it’s certainly difficult to ignore the enduringly popular iPhone, with models such as the 3GS offering a wide range of applications, massive internal memory, an intuitive touchscreen design and the best in coverage for both voice and data in the form of quad band, Wi-Fi and 3G. That is not to suggest, however, that there is also not a huge range of appealing business mobiles on offer from brands such as Nokia and Samsung, covering everything from budget devices for those that simply need to text and make calls, right through to range-topping, performance oriented models.

Indeed, there is also a great number of intriguing business mobile phones that you can find from some of the lesser-known contenders. Such contenders include Motorola, which offers such basic handsets as the W156 and W230 alongside the likes of the Q9h, which features a full QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile and full HTML browsing with the Opera browser. Other big names that are worthy of investigation include Sony Ericsson, HTC and BlackBerry.

With such a strong range of business mobile phones on the market, then, you have a good chance of significantly boosting your firm’s productivity.