Apple use spreads in business and education

Apple computers are not just admired for their design. Their machines are ultra reliable and easy to use, which goes a long way to explaining their growing popularity in the workplace and classroom. They aren’t just stylish products for home users. The same things that people love about using these computers at home translates naturally across into a business or educational setting.

Looking at Apple in business first, it’s not hard to see a real change in office computing. Back in the day there were usually only a few Macs around and they were in the design team. Now that Apple logo can be found on every floor and in every department. The workplace is no longer dominated by the PC like it once was. The technology environment is much more mixed.

Windows is a pretty clunky interface. Apple is very different. Anyone can get to grips with it quickly and easily. It’s just so intuitive and easy to use. All the edges have been smoothed out to create a wonderful user experience. When office staff are used to this on their home or personal machine, then they expect the same at work. Apple in business means reliability and a clean, simple and easy to use interface. Perfect for being more productive and getting a good day’s work done.

There’s been a huge surge of use of Apple in education too. In many ways this is being driven by its ground breaking tablet device the iPad. It’s application and uses in this field knows no bounds. Play video through it, turn it into a piano, run educational games, the list just goes on and on. Kids can get to grips with these computers quickly. Using them becomes second nature. Apple in Education is changing the way children learn and helping them to develop skills in incredible ways.