The enduring popularity of calendars

Calendars have long been popular among consumers in the UK and many other countries around the world. As well as helping people to remember important occasions, they can also look great in their homes. These days, individuals can make the most of online photo printing to help them create personalised versions.

If a recent article in the Shropshire star is accurate, such photo printing services may be particularly popular. It suggested that despite living in a digital age, people still like to have paper versions of calendars to help them manage their lives.

It stated: “Nationally, the enduring popularity of calendars this year has translated into sales never seen before.”

The news source added: “Celebrity calendars on the back of TV shows such X Factor are driving the trend. But as well as these, in Shropshire people are ticking their days off on all manner of weird and wonderful calendars bearing images of everything from yoga dogs and cats in hats, to vintage tractors.”

Thanks to the presence of online photo printing firms, the number of calendars featuring personal photos is also rising.

Commenting on the appeal of paper calendars, clinical psychologist Dr Angel Adams said: “There is a part of the pre-frontal cortex that is where we have the ‘executive functioning mechanisms’, and that is the part of our brain that allows us to plan and learn from the past, and think about the future.

“When we are using calendars and planning, we are really accessing that part of the brain. People like something tangible – it’s just a wonderful way of having time externalised.”

When people utilise photo printing services to help them create the perfect calendars, they can choose from snaps including friends, family members and so on or scenic shots of places they have visited. Of course, they can also incorporate a mixture of the two.