Supplying Consumer Demand

The damage to the environment caused by inkjet and toner cartridges is undeniable. First of all, the cost of producing such pieces of equipment is high resulting in a significant amount of greenhouse gases being released which increases a company’s carbon footprint. At a time when economic pressure and environmental pressures are reaching a critical point, an industry that is largely left to charge what it wants for printer cartridges that will never be re-used points up a huge problem and hypocrisy. Is it just the remit of the environmental lobby to simply focus on the obvious causes of CO2 production like cars and aeroplanes?

Dell have made their name producing high quality electronics that can result in a significant saving when bought in bulk. They are without doubt one of the manufacturers of choice for many businesses, from large corporations to small enterprises. Much like the rest of the printer industry, Dell printer ink cartridges are often more expensive than they need to be, simply to remain competitive. By having compatible alternatives that work just as well as Dell printer cartridges the consumer can be given a better deal. But also, if the refilling of Dell inks was condoned, then the environment could benefit massively too. Printer cartridges can take around 400 years to degrade in a landfill, so it is about time that both the industry and consumers stopped throwing away printer cartridges that are easily renewable. A piece of hardware like that doesn’t simply become useless because of the fact that the ink dropped below a certain level.

Dell are in a great position to bring about change to this industry because of the size and scope of their company. In the meantime, many 3rd party manufacturers will fill the gap created by consumer need for cheaper inks.