Catching up quickly is critical

A link building company has to adapt to new circumstances quickly if the sites of its clients are to benefit in a sustainable fashion. This is easier in theory than in practice. Researching the search world is hard enough during ‘normal’ periods, but when something novel comes along it takes that little bit longer to adjust. Those link building services that can make the right changes rapidly put their sites in a good position to gradually succeed while their rivals lag behind them. It is best to look at this abstract point via a relevant case.

At we work hard to pursue success on behalf of our diverse clients. Our tailored link building strategies are a major part of what we do. They are adapted on a regular basis to take into account the fluidity of the sphere of search.

An example of where catch up has proved difficult is related to Google+. This is partly because this addition to social media was rolled out gradually. Initially, businesses were not encouraged to participate. However, the main reason some consultancies have been slow off the mark is because they could not understand how to use it effectively.

It might seem remarkable but some consultancies base a lot of their activity on what they read online. They neglect the value of learning by doing. Hence they are excessively dependent on what is published on blogs. Even if they visit some useful forums, their reluctance to experiment detracts from their efforts.

In the first phase of Google+, many articles were composed that were of little practical help. They simply reflected the fact that Google+ was up and running. Some of them chose to compare it with Facebook. Such pieces often engaged in speculation with regard to Google+ being a possible competitor to the social giant.

After it became clear that Google+ was doing satisfactorily, there were some articles which were of some use. However, the furore over ‘Search plus Your World’ then dominated much of the commentary. Arguably, the debate generated as much heat as light. It did flag up that Google+ would face stiff competition as a consequence of Google’s promotional tactics, but it did not show much about how to get links. Therefore, regardless of the rights and wrongs of the issue, it was a distraction from how to get the most out of Google+.

It was only following this debate that many useful articles started to appear that looked at positive ways forward. There was an unfortunate tendency for some consultancies temporarily to think of Google+ as something which should not be used actively. In their view, a presence should be established on the social network, but it was not to be used at that time.

Obviously, if a segment of a specific target audience use Google+, then a consultant should be looking at how best to exploit it. It is now easier for a practitioner to do just that, as practical advice is widely available.

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