Options of choosing a Fire

Choosing the right fire is important in creating the right focal point in your home. It has to fit sensibly in with your decoration and your fireplace. It should also be functional and provide a suitable heat source if required together with a good flame effect.

For a lot of us, there is no better option than an open fire. A real living flame fire has natural characteristics providing a warm homely feeling.
However, for some, the practicality of simply flicking a switch on an electric fire is more tempting. This type of fire has its own benefits. One of the major benefits is that most homes nowadays have central heating systems, so you don’t need a fire for heat. Secondly, technology has advanced so much, that the flame picture is more realistic.

Different types of fires will have their own benefits. Gas fires are mainly used for their heat output whereas electric fires are more for their flame effect.
Currently, there are many types of gas fires on the market. One particular type is a high efficiency gas fire, which gives an extremely high heat output and can be up to 89% efficient. If you have no chimney or your chimney is not functional, a flueless gas fire is the solution for you. These use catalytic technology and are 100% efficient.

In an age of ever increasing energy costs, efficiency is a crucial factor when buying a fire. Luckily, we at Fires4less have a huge range of fires to choose from, and our section on “Choose your fire/ fireplace” has a comprehensive guide to take you through the difficulties in choosing your ideal fire.



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