Although individuals differentiate over the level of importance and significance of their birth date, it is an annual event that celebrates the anniversary of the day an individual was born. Traditional celebrations include the giving and receiving of presents and card between friends, family members and partners during a party or social gathering which is primarily organised to celebrate an individual’s age. The first birthday, becoming a teenager and adulthood milestones (30, 40, 50, etc) are considered to be birthdays that hold the most significance, although are by no means exclusive to deserved celebrations and becoming the recipient of gifts.

As many individuals strive to create the perfect reaction, it can therefore become a difficult process in choosing the most appropriate present or card. Traditional birthday cards contain the right message via its design features and content, although can lack the all-important impact required to be more diverse and unique. As all recipients have their own respective tastes and interests, purchasing personalised cards can generate a positive impact as they can be tailored to portray any individual interest or personality trait. Irrespective of age and gender, such cards carry significant meaning that most traditional birthday cards cannot guarantee; individuals receive extensive flexibility within the overall content on a card, whether it is the front cover or message found inside, to provide a personal touch.

In addition to graphics and images that depict a sport of personal interest of the recipient, individuals also have the option of including a photograph which can be utilised within numerous formats and designs. Photo uploaded cards, either incorporated within a ‘face-it’ image or magazine-style front cover, are excellent personalised cards which create the perfect reaction and can be kept as personal mementos. Recipients can also appreciate the extra effort that family, friends or partners have gone to in order to give a card that holds a personalised touch towards a memorable birthday celebration.