Trusted Boiler Installations

Buying a boiler is a big investment. Even the very cheapest ones cost nearly £1,000 and if you want one to run your central heating, too you can pay anything up to £5,000 for the boiler alone Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you do your research and have your boiler installed properly.

Why Trusted Boiler Installations are Important

There are several reasons for doing so. The first, and most important reason, is safety. A boiler that has not been properly installed can potentially explode and cause a lot of damage, or worse injury and death. The second reason is that the law in the UK requires you to have a gas boiler installed by a engineer who has undergone the correct training. This means someone who has gone through and passed the Gas Safe courses. You need to check that the engineer who is going to install your gas boiler is on the Gas Safe register.

If you do not do so and there is an accident you could potentially be liable for the cost of damage to other people’s property. In addition, most building and content insurance policies are rendered null and void if an accident occurs that involves a boiler that does not meet the regulations.

The last reason you need to use a properly qualified heating engineer to install your boiler is economics. A boiler that has not been properly installed or maintained will be far less efficient than one that has. It will potentially burn more gas and will normally breakdown more quickly.

Finding Trusted Boiler Installations

Some people automatically think that they have to use a British Gas engineer to carry out their installation. Whilst it is true that all of their engineers are Gas Safe qualified there are also hundreds of other heating engineers that are also properly qualified. This means that you can shop around for an engineer to install your boiler. Doing so is well worth the effort. The best firms offer a price guarantee as well as a guaranteeing their actual work and all parts used.


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