What the New Law Means for Uninsured Vehicles

There was a slight change in the law in June of this year which means that all cars now have to be insured by the registered keeper of the vehicle, or a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) declared for it. For most people, this effectively means that you can’t leave your car sat on your driveway uninsured, even if it is fully taxed, or you will be committing a motoring offence, and this applies to all vehicles, including vintage cars and motorhomes which might only be used in the summer months.

The penalties for this offence can be quite serious. Starting with a fixed penalty fine of £100, as the registered keeper you could even end up having your vehicle towed and destroyed and face court proceedings with a fine up to £1000. The information regarding the change has been quite widely publicised through radio and television advertising, but all registered keepers of uninsured vehicles should also have received a letter at the end of June from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau advising them of the new law and the penalties imposed for this motoring offence.

Cunninghams Solicitors are a firm of motoring solicitors who can help if you think you have unfairly received a penalty for not insuring your vehicle. Of course, driving without insurance is a different offence and is subject to much higher punishment, including up to 8 points on your licence. Motoring solicitors such as Cunninghams look carefully at both the situation and your insurance policy (if you have one) to check every aspect against the claim that is being made against you. Where previously there had to be proof that you were using the car without insurance, this new law takes this argument away, so declare any cars you are not planning to use for a while as SORN now!

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