What Constitutes Dangerous Driving

Driving offences can have serious repercussions. Firstly they can lead to driving bans and fines which can cause people to lose their jobs and potentially, in turn, ruin whole lives. However, they can also be serious for others too, as innocent bystanders can also be seriously affected.

However, not all driving offences are as clear cut as each other. For example, when it comes to dangerous driving, there is no hard and fast rule as to what exactly will be classed as dangerous driving. The line between good driving, careless driving and dangerous driving can become somewhat blurred and in some cases the results are extremely subjective.

There are certain acts that will come under the banner of dangerous driving that almost anyone would find hard to dispute. However, in other circumstances the number of people around, the nature of the offence, the volume of traffic and even the length of the offence can make a huge difference as to whether or not something is classed as dangerous driving.

Ultimately, it will be down to a court and experts employed by the court to establish whether or not such driving was indeed dangerous or not. When it falls to borderline cases, individual decisions can have a major impact and drastically affect the life of those accused of the offence.

It is therefore wise for anyone in such a position to know exactly where they stand. Employing a motoring lawyer will almost certainly be beneficial as not only will they be able to let you know exactly where you stand legally, but they will also know the best course of action to ensure the most favourable outcome.

With personal opinions factoring highly in such cases, having a motoring lawyer can make a great deal of difference and ensure that those delivering a verdict are not swayed by hyperbole and the bias of others.

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