Stay Safe Outdoors

No matter whether you enjoy the thrill of the great outdoors or simply use it as a way to stay in shape and keep fit, whenever you head outdoors, no matter what the weather, it is wise to pay some attention to your own personal safety.

From wearing reflective clothing to be seen in the dark through to ensuring that you have the right walking boots for hikes to keep your feet healthy and protected, some simple steps could stop what should be a pleasurable and rewarding outing turning into something far less savoury.

The cold weather is one of the biggest things to protect against. Whilst a run may well keep you very warm, should you injure yourself you may well find that you are stuck out in the extreme cold for far longer than you would like. This means that, even when running, the right outdoor clothing is a must.

Dressing in layers and in garments designed to keep heat in when needed, but let the skin breathe as it gets hotter, will mean that you are far more likely to be able to stay warm, no matter what happens.

For those walking, consider buying boots slightly larger than you need so that you can wear the right thermal socks to keep your feet warm and in turn protected. Waterproof jackets are also a must as getting wet in cold weather can very quickly lead to you getting a cold or worse.

In the summer, be sure to wear plenty of sun cream, no matter whether you plan to just go for a short bike ride or a long and intense hike.

Ultimately, no matter what you are doing, or how long you plan to be out for, be sure that you have the right clothing, the right equipment and the right protection to ensure you are covered for the very worst case scenario.

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