Stan James Betting You Can Trust

When it comes to online betting, most people are very concerned about their own security and the fairness of the company they are betting with. This can make it extremely difficult for a lot of punters to decide which online sports betting company they should trust to make their bets with. For anyone who has these concerns, the best thing that they can do is to choose a betting company who is well established and which already has a great reputation in the world of bookmaking. One such company is Stan James.

Stan James betting shops have been around since the 1970’s and today, the Stan James betting name is still one which is looked upon with favour. Stan James was one of the first companies who offered telephone betting and now that they have made the move to online betting, Stan James betting is one of the safest and most reliable ways to bet online.

Stan James Betting Online

The Stan James website is one of the best in the industry. It is very well designed and user friendly. When you visit the Stan James website, not only can you make bets on all of your favourite sports but you can also read up on all of the latest sports and betting news which can help you to choose your bets more wisely.

Stan James betting is much quicker than a lot of other forms of betting too, you do not have to wait around for things to load or spend a lot of time navigating the site until you find what you are looking for – it is pretty much instant.

Phone Betting

One of the biggest benefits of Stan James betting is that you can still place phone bets as well as, online bets, so if you are out and about and can’t reach a computer, you can still place that all important bet and not miss out on a great tip ever again.


Stan James has some of the best odds around, particularly if you like to bet on cricket or tennis. They also offer great odds on novelty bets such as TV show betting, so you really can maximise your winnings by choosing Stan James betting. offers a range of football betting opportunities and football bet tips. To learn more visit the Stan James betting website today.