Your First Puppy

If you are bringing your very first puppy home, there will be a great deal for you to learn. Whilst there are all manner of books on the subject, a great many will either over-simplify things or go into so much detail that the truly important things can be hard to pick out.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are ready for your new pup before you even bring them home. Taking an animal away from their mother and away from familiar surroundings will be stressful enough for any pup and therefore if you are not ready to cater for its needs completely, you are likely to only compound the issues.

Understanding exactly what information on puppies is relevant and which is not is therefore integral and simple checklists are therefore likely to be more important than whole books on the subject. The first thing to ensure you have is the right bed. Giving your dog its own space that is comfortable, warm and dry is integral. It is also a good idea to offer toys or blankets for them to cuddle up to so that the first few nights do not feel too lonely.

Ensure that your home is pup-proof. Take a look around to see which items may be dangerous for a small animal and remember that your new pet will be extremely curious over the first few weeks, looking to explore every area of your home.

Finally, ensure that you know what to do in regards to puppy health. Not only will he need the right inoculations and veterinary attention, but your pet will also need the right food. Ensuring you choose a nutritionally focussed food, aimed at a dog of your size and weight, will make a very big difference and not only should you buy quality food, but you should also ensure that you know exactly how much to feed them and when if you wish keep your own pet as healthy as possible.

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